Friday, January 15, 2016

On a Definitive Guide to Understanding MGTOW (Part 1)


I do not personally wear the label of MGTOW, nor do I speak for anyone other than myself.  I as an individual do not wish to be put into a box with with anyone else, nor do I wish for them to be put into a box with me.  Everyone has different opinions and I don't claim to speak for anyone but myself.  I am not interested in, or capable of acting as, any kind of official spokesmen for MGTOW.  It is however my intent with these articles to highlight both the core, and the best, that is currently on offer from within the MGTOW phenomenon after two years of intense personal observation.

Introduction to Part 1:

The purpose of Part 1 is to provide the shortest possible must see guide to MGTOW content.  If you do not see anything else from the community, or read any other parts of this guide, the three videos I present in Part 1 should effectively demonstrate what MGTOW is and what kinds of understanding the best parts of the community are pursuing.

I have chosen these three videos for several reasons:

  • They are effectively one continuous series
  • They have quickly been acknowledged by long standing key members of the community as some of the best content yet produced
  • They provide the most consolidated and concrete form of the MGTOW philosophy supported with clear reasoning, and as the series progresses, hard scientific data from reputable sources
  • The producers are close to the intellectual core of the movement rather than the watered down 'pop' versions of MGTOW which, despite often having higher viewer/subscription counts and search ratings, tend to be diluted and polluted rehashes of far better ideas from people known mostly only within the community

Side Note:

What is mostly lacking in these three videos is the background needed to understand gynocentrism, which is a core idea within the community for aiding the understanding of both Traditional Conservatism and Feminism.  Gynocentrism plays a huge role in evolution, religion, government policies, social attitudes, and much much more.  However for the purposes of this guide I am considering gynocentrism to be an "Advanced Topic" beyond the scope of Part 1.

Part 1:

For those of you who do not know, MGTOW stands for "Men Going Their Own Way."  What this means is largely up to the individual, but the one shared component that is agreed on by all those respected in the community is that it starts with the complete rejection of Marriage, Cohabitation, and the Fathering of Children.  This is generally done as a political choice and/or statement, and for financial self preservation, given social and legal systems that largely favors women at the expense of men, and tends to see women as innocent victims and men as aggressive dominant bullies regardless of actual circumstances or real world data.  But I am getting ahead of myself.  I will let CS MGTOW explain why you should not get married with his video "Meet Mark":

Shortly after "Meet Mark" was released, Colttaine released the following video called "Gender Attraction Differential." Using real world statistics from Tinder and OK Cupid, he was able to give a very good partial explanation for modern divorce rates and provide a big piece of the puzzle for understanding the modern crumbling of the traditional family structure, as well as background information for understanding a number of social phenomenon.

Colttaine then followed up his "Gender Attraction Differential" video with "Biology Culture Ideology", which in my mind provides extremely definitive answers to many modern questions and problems that have been troubling me for years, including the collapse of the family structure, modern feminism, and even the need for movements like #GamerGate, of which I was a supporter, and the near absolute misframed slander that movements like GamerGate or the MRM received from the mainstream media.  Although admittedly much of the latter may need the lens of gynocentrism for one to completely connect the dots.


This article was not meant to be an exhaustive representation of the MGTOW phenomenon or it's communities and ideas.  However if you watched all three videos in order, you should have a very good idea of the kind of thinking that is at the core of the MGTOW movement, as well as *some* of the conditions that are causing it.  Admittedly many people have not put in this level of conscious or coherent thought into it, and have expressed sentiments that show a merely intuitive understanding of these situations as opposed to the more concrete examinations presented here.  But it must be acknowledged that a number of key MGTOW thinkers have been stumbling very close to some of these ideas for years, and have done unbelievable amounts of leg work to provide the stepping stones on which this was clearly developed.

In subsequent posts I intend to produce a slightly more in-depth view of MGTOW ideas from other key voices, most likely presented in something close to the chronological order in which I discovered them.  I also plan to give some background about where MGTOW came from and why.

Stay tuned.

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